We’re off topic now.  Rare, but sometimes… it’s the right thing.

It’s always tempting to use a platform such as a popular blog for special pleading, and the temptation is usually resisted, thankfully, because it would really kill the editorial, for starters.  Anyway, you get my point, and you know where I am going:  I am cashing in all that restraint, drawing on whatever credibility I might have to pass along the following, by which I was personally affected.

David Reichenberg, the man who gave up his life to save another in this story was a friend of my brother’s in Spring Valley, New York, known to me, and a member of my extended community along more than one axis.  I am sharing his story here to ask readers to consider making a contribution to help support his family, now that he is gone:

David Reichenberg had just turned fifty when his life was tragically cut short during hurricane Irene as he attempted to save the life of a young child who had been struck by a fallen high voltage power line. The selfless instincts he exhibited were the embodiment of his life.

Although David’s life was beset with financial and personal challenges, his infectious joy and faith never wavered. He was a beacon of light to his neighbors and friends and a pillar of support to his wife and four children. David was a model of integrity in his business and was always looking to assist his neighbors, friends and community.

Now it is our turn to demonstrate our selflessness as we ensure that his devoted wife and dear children should not have to suffer the pain of financial deprivation. A special annuity fund has been established that will secure the future needs of his family and the costs of special education for their autistic son. A group of dedicated financial trustees has been appointed to administer the fund on behalf of the Reichenberg family.

The full website, with more information, media, and how to donate, can be found at this link.

By Ron Coleman

I write this blog.

7 thoughts on “Doing the right thing”
  1. Ron:
    Thank you for posting this tragic story about our hero David Reichenberg. It’s truly heartbreakin
    g. He was a guy who lived his life for others, and always with a smile. We must do what we can for his struggling family. They deserve everyone’s support. G-d bless you, for diverting the attention of your audience to help such a worthy cause. May we never know more sorrow like this ever again.

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