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I don’t watch a lot of TV — don’t even have one, actually.  And I only raise the topic because that is my excuse for missing this epochal commercial riffing on my favorite topic — the Big Game that Shall Not Be Mentioned.  Not mentioned, that is, because of, you know.  Bullies.  Trademark bullies.
Super Bowl® bullies.
Anyway, good thing Chuck “no relation, not a typo” Colman is out there keeping tabs on stuff, as in this incredibly trademark-law laden post.  Makes my brain hurt, even, but that’s because when I came into the game, of course, we’d be sent right back in for the next series after a deep snort of smelling salts.  Chuck, he’s a young gun.

And this TV, now, that is easy watchin’!  Edjamacational too.  So as a matter of record, the Samsung spot has to be embedded here, too:

Yes.  Yes yes yes yes yes.

Hey — here’s a thought:  Isn’t it kind of funny to have a brand that you don’t want people to mention?

One more reason some of us just don’t “get” big-time Brand Equity, I guess.
Shh.  Don’t mention that brand!

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