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Word is that on October 11, 2012, the Beverly Hills Bar Association is presenting a panel called “Dressing Up IP:  Copyright, Trademark, and Licensing Issues in the Fashion Industry.”  The program may be attended in person, which is ideal, because that means you’re in Beverly Hills; streamed live online, which means that you live in your parents’ basement, presumably; or, most depressing of all, viewed via the internet at a later date, by which time it will be entirely too late.

The speakers are our friend Staci Riordan, fashion law diva at Fox Rothschild’s out-there office; Deborah Greaves, General Counsel at True Religion Brand Jeans (in-house means no link, of course — that’s the whole mystique!); and Melissa Dagodag, LA’s Attorney for Creative Types (great website!).  The program chair is Victoria Burke.  Males are, however, permitted to attend!

And they are well advised to do so, for there will be California MCLE credit!  And, I’m betting, some pretty nifty hors d’oeuvres.


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