Explanatory introduction to a virtual guest post by Ed Timberlake:

Thus, once again, I am stealing Ed Timberlake tweets to create the blog post he thinks he won’t write for me as a guest blogger here, even though he actually is doing that anyway on Twitter. And them’s the breaks!

First you think Ed’s asking a great USPTO trademark registration question about protocols used in application specimens — and, as you see, he is. The issues he attacks, looking at this thread in the most straightforward fashion, are these: (1) trademarks that “exist” in three dimensions, and (2) what dotted lines do or don’t mean on an application to register a trademark with the PTO. Read and learn:

Ed Timberlake

Work through the thread. It displays great technical mastery, and it’s original and insightful regarding the philosophy of, or perhaps in, trademarks and trademark practice that he reveals on Twitter almost every day. Don’t try to play multi-dimensional 4-D trademark chess with Ed Timberlake!

But I may be forgiven, perhaps — yes, I am that hammer that sees certain things as nails only — in observing from the introductory sentence of this tweet at the top of the thread that this is one microblog by Ed in an ongoing series: The t-shirt as ultimate non-functioning garbagio good:

This is an ongoing theme Ed has been developing for a while:

There are more. Ultimately, our friend Tyler Hall nails it in this response to an Ed T-shirt tweet:

Nailed it to a T.

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