Exactly Wrong on Free Speech for New Media

Via the permalink-less Kausfiles, a link to excerpts from (and suckup commentary about) remarks by CNN suit Jonathan Klein espousing the self-parodic, anti-democratic, anti-free-speech, and, yes, darn it, bad-for-the-children “MSM” concept that, well, alright, maybe we will let new kids play in our sandbox, as long as we can still decide who gets the secret decoder rings:

When the Jeff Gannon bomb exploded in the White House press room, where was the White House Correspondents’ Association? … I have a modest proposal for the White House Correspondents Association, whose annual black-tie gala I eagerly await next week: cancel the gala, and instead spend that time and energy creating standards–and enforcing them–for those who would call themselves White House correspondents.

Sheesh. The “Jeff Gannon bomb exploded”? How about the Helen Thomas bomb? Or is that okay ‘cuz she’s a freedom fighter?

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By Ron Coleman

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