Via the In the Agora blog, an update, with useful links, on the suit against Google by Agence France-Presse. Best link is to this article by the ubiquitous Professor Eric Goldman. (Note to self and 100 closest friends: Must read Goldman’s blog more often.) Most interesting, Europhobic (that’s me) angle: France itself is cooking up a project to rival Google’s announced plan to “scan millions of books and periodicals into its popular search engine over the next few years.”

Well, nothing like one of those Eurostate-financed boondoggles to suck the wind out of what’s left of that economic juggernaut. If I weren’t buying Google for the incredible up-side, maybe I’d buy it to beggar France!

UPDATE:  The French… let’s not say “surrendered.”  They worked something out with Google, in June of 2012.  But, of course.

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