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Shmatte, shmatte, shmatte

So much for Special Creation in blog graphics, I guess.  It seems that the theologically inclined among us trademark law types think alike… but in any event, it’s good news for the sartorially-oriented as well.  Not as if those axes–threads and God–don’t cross in more than one place, depending on whose graph it is.  But anyway Susan Scafidi has posted this interesting news:

Fashion Law has a home:  the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham.

As a result of the support and advice of the CFDA and its president, Diane von Furstenberg, the Fashion Law Institute will be able to offer training to aspiring lawyers, assistance to designers, and a center for research and information exchange to everyone involved in the field, starting in fall 2010.

Congratulations to Susan, the head of the new institute (but, of course).  Sounds fabulous!

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