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Didn’t you wonder how it could be that, so late in the game, Google could have a cool name like G-Mail in its pocket ready to go when it rolled out its new service in the last couple of years?

(I remember when I first met a real person who offered me a G-mail invitation! Now I’m sitting on 100 of them myself. Let me know if you’re the last person still waiting to be invited to join history’s longest-running Beta test.)

Well, I did wonder about it. The “TM” device is a bit of a hint that all is not straightforward in trademark land; it means “we are asserting trademark rights in this” but the implication is almost always, “We couldn’t get a registration or dare not try.” And, indeed, it turns out it isn’t so isn’t so simple, and it looks like — just as they are on every day with a “y” in its name — Google’s going to get sued over the name.

UPDATE: Google folds. More here.

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