Goldman: The SOPA and the PIPA and the Santa Fe

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No, not really the Santa Fe, but the rhythm of it seemed right, and after last week’s Benny Goodman post, well, I’m feeling nostalgic for my 1930’s childhood.  (Shh, go with me here.)

Anyway, Eric Goldman has collated and posted all in one place everything — really, just about everything — you’d want to know about the rise and decline of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its evil twin, the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

Science has not definitively determined the true minimum daily requirements, but trust LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®:  This is really all the IP blogging you will need for the week.  And after all, even the youthful Professor Goldman finds room for Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this post!  I will never forget those days.

(Don’t take it on an empty stomach.)

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One thought on “Goldman: The SOPA and the PIPA and the Santa Fe”
  1. Also, and speaking of the Santa Fe Railroad, did I ever mention that when I was in law school I had a part-time job clerking for the Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation — or something like that — in Chicago during the school year?

    I was doing regulatory research in connection with issues before the now-defunct Interstate Commerce Commision, a key component in my decision to some day never have to ever do anything like that again.

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