Good Deed for the Day: Helping Old Producers Cross Agents

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In far-off Hong Kong, the Motion Picture Association has created a Boy Scout merit badge on copyright [original link lost, sorry — RDC]:

Boy Scouts in Hong Kong now can earn merit badges for learning about the wonders of copyright law–at least the version described by the Motion Picture Association . . .

It’s not unprecedented for one industry to create a merit badge. The Boy Scouts currently offers a long list of badges including “American Business,” “American Labor,” “Auto Mechanics,” “Electronics,” “Law,” and “Nuclear Science.”

It’s not clear, though, how much time the MPA’s merit badge curriculum will devote to the value of fair use, the problems that region coding on DVDs can create for legitimate purchasers, and the unintended consequences of “anti-circumvention” laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

(Hat tip to A Mensch — no, not A. Mensch.)  So much for those LLM programs!

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