Google down, boogy oogy oogy

Ben Charny at eWeek reports: “Google’s ‘Oogle’ Hunters Bag Another One.” What’s it all about? The magic of the double-o, reports Charny:

Google’s Rose Hagan, senior trademark counsel, explained during an an interview that Google is continuously monitoring the Internet for sites with names like Boogle, Foogle and Hoogle, etc. It usually will only go after Internet search engine sites with similar-sounding names.

After each potential Google trademark offender surfaces, it first gets a Google letter of warning, she said. That usually does the trick, and the name is soon changed.

“We aren’t trying to own the double O,” Hagan said. “We take steps to protect the Google brand.”

Ooh!   Good faith to boot.  Wouldn’t want a bad blood with Google — let’s keep the mood good.  Dood.

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Ron Coleman

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