Search patents on Google. A paradigm shifter? Maybe. May very well be.

UPDATE:  Dennis Crouch explains:

One problem: Google is best at finding the top-twenty references related to your search.  Google is much worse at doing exhaustive searches.  Thus, if you want to find every patent that mentions a certain term, you will probably not be successful (at this point) with the Google Patent Search.  Finally, Google does not yet have a link to the PDF version of the document.

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One thought on “Google Patents”
  1. Whoooooaaaaaahhhhhh…

    I have the impression — founded on very little data, I’ll admit — that there are patent lawyers who aren’t exactly top notch, and who mostly earn their keep because patent searches are beyond the average layman. Right about now, they must be feeling about like low-end real estate agents felt when Multiple Listing Service went online.

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