Colin Samuels’s Infamy or Praise posts its unofficial Blawg Review, Number 23 in the “Round Tuit” series.  So you go right over there are read it.  Also the official Blawg Review, up this week at Law Shucks.

Goethe and merry go round

I was struck by Colin’s roundup regarding the musings of bloggers about where to put what in which blog, and what blog to start, and what blog to shut:

The legal blogosphere may be kicking harder in Texas, but it seems to be at least alive and kicking everywhere else as well, according to Kevin O’Keefe, whose LexBlog group has completed another “State of the AmLaw 200 Blogosphere” report. This isn’t to say that the legal blogosphere isn’t subject to ebbs and flows as bloggers — a thoughtful and self-critical bunch by nature — assess and reassess, as two noted bloggers did this week. Prompted by a comment by Bob Ambrogi, Venkat Balasubramani, who blogs at Spam Notes and guest-blogs regularly at Eric Goldman’s blog, wondered whether the broadening of his legal interests over the past three-and-a-half years of blogging suggest that he should “make a clean break” from his focused personal blog and start a different one; he weighs the pros and cons in a thoughtful post. Coming full circle, Bob Ambrogi took to heart Balasubramani’s discussion (prompted by his own comment) and added his own thoughts about shuttering his venerable LawSites blog in favor of a new one which covers the breadth of his interests:

The question for both of us is: Does it make sense to make a clean break from one blog and start anew with another? For both Venkat and me, the question is complicated by the fact that our blogs have achieved some degree of recognition and regular readerships. My blog has even won some awards, including twice being named one of the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100. …
What was most striking to me about Venkat’s post was his comment that this question “literally weighed me down.” I know precisely how he feels. It seems almost silly to spend so much time pondering the fate of a blog. Perhaps it shows that both Venkat and I remain passionate about blogging, if uncertain about our blogs.

Interesting to me, yes, considering that I faced such a question myself once… answered it… and have answered it again by, effective yesterday, retiring from active posting on my quasi- but not-so-legal Likelihood of Success blog, as discussed, implicating many of the very same thoughts and issues, at this last post yesterday.

So much interesting stuff to read and say.  How ever do we get a Round Tuit?  (And that’s my point, I guess.)

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  1. Your post about shuttering “Likelihood of Success” popped up in my feed reader today; I’m sorry both to see LOS go and to have missed your post for this week’s “Round Tuit”. I’m glad that you’re refocusing on “Likelihood of Confusion” rather than drifting away from the blawgosphere altogether. Some Coleman is better than no Coleman! Thanks for the kind words about my round-up posts and for continuing to write stuff worth linking to!

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