Gratuitous link to trademark case based on mark that sounds like a bad word

What gets written on the Las Vegas Trademark Attorney blog just can’t resist not staying on the Las Vegas Trademark — well, you get it.

Here, I had to link to it. Because someone is going to ask people who read this blog if they’ve heard about this case. And I owe it to you….

… the reader ….

to keep you up to date on these things. Without actually writing out bad-sounding trademarks on my own site of course.

See you after the Jewish holiday. And, yes, we’ll be eating chicken. Generic (but delicious!) chicken.

UPDATE:  More on dirty trademarks from two of my favorite trademark opinionators here.  But I am dropping this “beat” from LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION effective immediately.  As the title of this post indicates, part of the purpose of these registrations is to utilize childish vulgarity or scatological language as a lever for brand development.  I’m sure it’s a great strategy, but LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION isn’t going to be a part of it any more.

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By Ron Coleman

LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION blog author Ron Coleman is a member of Dhillon Law Group in their New York City and Montclair, New Jersey offices. He is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and Princeton University.