This week begins begins the sixth year of blogging at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.

LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® has been recognized by a number of list-makers from time to time and, what is very gratifying, seems frequently to be among a handful of “established” soft IP blogs honored with a link on the starting blogroll of new entrants into the field.

The numbers, in terms of posts, are now somewhat distorted by repostings of “best of” selections during the summer and end-of-year doldrums, as well as my automated rotation of oldies but goodies via the now very smartly managed Old Post Promoter plugin.  But it does appear that over these five years I have with God’s help published over 1,300 original posts.

Just to give you a visual concept of what this means:  That’s enough posts for every man, woman and child in a room containing over 1,300 men, women and children!

When I encounter many of these posts via the rerun machine, I frequently need to clean them up, either due to a bad import from Blogger way back, or because I didn’t know HTML so good back then, or because the post is crying for updating.   But being an old man in blog years already, I can say that I really enjoy reading some of them (by no means all of them) all these years later.  They are my children!  Just the kind of children who you forget their names and what they look like because you have 1,300 of them.

So yes, five years is a pretty long time in this business, and I am grateful to everyone who has made it necessary worthwhile.  That includes many people, but especially, of course, those professional colleagues and other highly discerning readers who read this blog even though there are so many others out there vying for their attention.

And I will always consider what success LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® has enjoyed to have been impossible without the initial support of important bloggers — notably Dean Esmay, Glenn Reynolds and, a little closer to home, Marty Schwimmer — all of whom gave me a running start on collecting eyeballs in the first couple of weeks.  Their support went a long way (especially Dean’s).  These fellows still stand for a concept of what blogging should be — with plenty of room for rivalry, sharp elbows and even the profit motive — that would make lame moves like this one unthinkable.

Things change, of course.  No one promised any of us a rose garden.  But friends once are always friends if friends they ever were, even a little bit.

Thank you, everyone!  Thank you, my friends.

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By Ron Coleman

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8 thoughts on “Half a decade of CONFUSION”
  1. Mazel tov.

    But since your blog is now 5 years old, you’ll have to take it to see that damned chipmunk movie. Kids are like that.

  2. Thank you all!

    But Eric, LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® isn’t a regular kid, which isn’t surprising, since I wasn’t a regular kid, either.

    The difference is now there’s medicines for that.

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