Happy Monday-after-the-first-IP-Fridays®-Friday!

IP FridaysYes, I know, for you every Friday is IP Friday.  But last Friday was special:  It was the debut of the new IP Fridays® podcast by Rolf Claessen (of IP Newsflash fame) and Ken Suzan (whose desk I took over when I started at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty).

That makes this Monday (i.e., today) entirely different from every other Monday that has gone before.  At least in terms of IP podcasts you could be listening to on the way to work.

The first podcast covered the Candy Crush trademark, the Marvell patent litigation, the new treatment of black & white trademarks in Europe and a useful tool to do free similarity searches on trademarks.

Here’s the great part:  If, like me, you can’t stand listening to something you can read in one-tenth the time (which is why I’ve never listened to a podcast in my life), you can read the transcriptions on the website, which also includes relevant links.  Trick to making sure you don’t miss a thing is to sign  up for the boys’ Twitter feed — @ipfridays.

Your Fridays will never be the same!

By Ron Coleman

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  1. Dear Ron,

    thank you sooo much for this article on your famous blog! Looking forward to having you featured on the podcast show!

    All the best!


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