Holding Their Ink-Stained Breath Till They Turn Blue

Update on the the Tulsa World silliness: Michael Bates reports, citing to the blog Tulsa Topics, that the World has wisely decided that it will deal with criticism of its editorial and political deeds by disabling its own Internet capability, not only to Michael and his critical blog but to the rest of humanity — including its own paid customers! Now no one can get PDF’s off their site.

That’s the best way to protect your copyright: Just publish for your friends and family. This way if any of them crosses the line — WHAM! You ground ’em, or don’t invite them to the cousin’s club meeting, or disinherit them. Good thing is you keep the mess away from those Article III judges and their pesky technicalities.

Another victory for self help. Is anyone at Overlawyered going to compliment the World on this? Don’t count on it!

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By Ron Coleman

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