“Go Home”: Why law school was probably a bad idea

Go Home.

Oddly enough, I got a “request” for an article I once wrote in Student Lawyer magazine in a comment here.

The point of the article was that most people probably shouldn’t go to to law school.  That was an attitude which — when it came across between the lines in my book The Princeton Review Pre-Law Companion didn’t exactly help sales to people who wanted to know “how,” not “if.”

I wrote the article in 1995.

You can still get that book (1998) — as of this posting, 46 copies are available at nine cents each on Amazon.com.  In the book, I’m actually not quite as negative as I was in the article.  But since then, it has gotten a lot worse, in a lot of ways — none of which require my elucidation at this point.

But per Brandon’s request, here’s a link to a PDF of that quaint piece, called Go Home.  Spoiler alert: It refers to something called envelopes. Have a browser window open and ready so you can look up such obscure terms while you read.

UPDATE:  I bring the discussion more or less up to date, more or less here.

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