Thanks to in-house guy gone native, Jeff Gussis at InhouseBlog, for listing us as one of four blogs in-house counsel should consult to help stay on top of developments in trademark. His suggestions are so good we’re going to steal the whole post:

Guide to Trademark Blogs

Do you manage your company’s trademark portfolio or routinely deal with
trademark-related issues? You should consider signing up to one or more blawgs
that focus on trademark law. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. The Trademark Blog
    (trademark news/issues)
  2. Likelihood of
    (trademark and other IP)
  3. The TTAB Blog (focusing on the
    Trademark Trial and Appeal Board)
  4. The Advertising Law
    (advertising law with frequent TM postings)

Know of others? Let us know.

By Ron Coleman

I write this blog.

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