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Did you ever wonder how Gizmodo escaped indictment in iPhone prototype deal?  I did, because after all that was my most recent (and not so recent) 15 minutes (see above):

The great iPhone prototype caper of 2010 has finally ended, with the two men accused of shopping the device to gadget blogs sentenced to probation yesterday.Last years investigation began with a raid on Gizmodo editor Jason Chens Fremont, Calif., home, followed by a painstaking examination of Chens electronic files. Investigators suggested at the time that Chen could face criminal charges, and he soon hired a criminal defense attorney.

But San Mateo County District Attorney Steven Wagstaffe told CNET yesterday that there was not enough evidence to indict Chen or anyone else affiliated with Gizmodo.Gizmodo editor Jason Chen holding the prototype iPhone the gadget blog acquired for $5,000.

“What we were looking at was possession of stolen property and whether the evidence supported extortion,” Wagstaffe said. “You can say we were looking at whether their actions supported that they participated in the theft of the phone. We didnt think it supported either.”

Wagstaffe said, however, that his offices review of the computers seized from Chens home showed the correspondence between Gizmodo editors was “juvenile.”

The “juvenile” defense, eh?  I hadn’t thought of that one.  Though, really, it sounds about right.


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