I have completely run out of “Twitter” puns

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But that doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to a long-overdue of key topical tweets of the last few weeks … or so.

At my age I get lazy reflective; I get misty.  In the old days these retweets via @roncoleman [now, please, follow @likely2confuse instead! — RDC] would have justified entire blog posts.  Sure, that was in the early days of blogging, like three years ago, but still.  In this, the modern era, I post somewhat less frequently, but you do get the tweets (if you’re not a twitterer the links are still running in the gadget on the left there).

And the posts themselves?  Hefty, yeah?  Of course, yeah. Hef-ty.

Midtown at night, NYCWhich is not to give short shrift to these tweets.  They are the crème de la crème — no, really the ne plus ultra, frankly…  Well, actually, more specifically, they are the most salvageable among topical utterances I didst tweet since June.  So while I hate to repeat myself, there are some things we just have to be aware of if we’re reading LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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