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I’ve been unusually busy doing legal work in the last few weeks–filing briefs and generally making the world safe for my clients’ righteous activities.  So I have neglected this space a bit.

But I am staying on top of things, at least, via Twitter, during stolen moments on New Jersey Transit train platforms and other exotic locations.  So here is one of my semi-monthly updates of the sorts of topically relevant things I’ve seen fit to pass along via @roncoleman since the last installment on January 25th:

Secaucus sunset

It’s not figure skating, but I do my little piece with grace and aplomb, don’t I?

Well, there are links, anyway.

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3 thoughts on “I tweeted this”
  1. Great shot of the train.

    Thanks for bringing up the issue of Persona of the dead. Call it the No More “Teddy” bears law. Because in the future, companies would have had to have waited until 1989 to have a Teddy Bear, as TR died in 1919 and statute of limitations is 70 years.

    What happens when an airline wants to name a plane after the deceased, and it gives some promotional value to the airline and the airline sells t-shirts? What happens if a for-profit university wants to name a business school after a person, and the school wants to sell branded merchandise and put his picture on mugs?

    Music groups named after the Rockefellers? Goodbye. Hotels named after Vanderbilts? Goodbye, unless Anderson Cooper and 500 other descendants agreed. Einstein bagels? Goodbye.

    Is this all that NY has to worry about these days?

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