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It’s been pretty busy for me since I moved to Archer & Greiner, PC, so I haven’t blogged all that much lately.  And, after all, blogging is dead anyway, except for maybe 25 or so blogs, right?

Well, at least there’s microblogging, which I’ve tried to keep doing on Twitter.  As it turns out, I drive 20 minutes to work now instead of spending an hour or two a day on buses or trains.  The down side of that lifestyle improvement is that I used to do most of my topical tweeting while commuting,  But what’s still here is, I hope you’ll agree, pretty choice.

You may have missed some good stuff, in fact, from the @likely2confuse Twitter feed over the last few months.  Excluding tweets about the appeal regarding THE SLANTS trademark (because, you know, enough already), here’s some the stuff I broadcast about trademark, copyright and related topics recently — there’s actually so much that I think you’d like, if you read LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, that I had to limit this post to the best of what I tweeted in May of this year (2015):

I should do this every month. Of course, there’s a lot I should do. What you should do, however, is follow @likely2confuse!

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