BigTimOBrien writes to mention the EFF is reporting that self-proclaimed cyberlawyer, Eric Menhart, has decided to trademark use of the term “cyberlaw” and is threatening other lawyers with legal action over the term.

Describing yourself as a “cyberlaw” expert is pretty lame, but I just may start right now. In fact, I think I just did!

UPDATE: Eric Goldman rounds up the mockery, plus some background on Menhart, and adds:

Mr. Menhart has blogged a response to EFF that reinforces that he really doesn’t get it. Two unavoidable facts of life for him:

1) The PTO will bounce his TM application
2) If he ever attempts to enforce his purported trademark rights in “CyberLaw” again, he will be met by a buzzsaw of opposition from some very determined folks.

In light of these facts, most savvy lawyers would realize that the absolutely wrong approach is to dig in his/her heels.

I really do like Eric.

UPDATE:  More, from Brett Trout.