Guy makes a video parodying the deification of Obama Barack, and posts it on YouTube.  Looks like it hit a little too close to home.  After a slew of complaints of hurt feelings by His ministering angels, the video has now been put beyond a registration wall by Google on the grounds that it is, of all things, “inappropriate for minors.” (Rather ironic, isn’t it?)

It’s Google’s ball.  Not a First Amendment issue.  But chilly-making, in once sense or another, all the same.  Via Glenn Reynolds.

By Ron Coleman

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3 thoughts on “Imagine no religion”
  1. Every four years, we refer to the Democratic primaries as “The Great Race for Second Place.” This year, Democ Rats (remember that “scandal”?), it will be no different.

    Looks like the Democrats want free speech until it is used against them. I feel . . . disenfranchised . . . since the video has been removed.

  2. Chris, that’s my point. I’ve never been shy about my inclinations, but there is no bias in the sense of misleading readers regarding the facts. As you say this post is not exactly heavy lifting in the legal analysis department, so beyond that…

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