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Family of Marx

Family of Marx

I’ve written, as is my wont, at great length regarding my skepticism about the “family of trademarks” concept. Well, once you’ve digested that, you may want to head over to Property, intangible, where Pamela Chestak — as is her wont — does some pretty darned heavy lifting on what seems to me to be a related idea:

It may make business sense to put ownership of related trademarks in different subsidiaries.  Under In re Wella, one can generally register similar marks owned by sibling companies, as long as it’s done properly.

But In re Koolatron Corp. discloses a risk I hadn’t thought about before, that is, that the registrations won’t serve the function of preventing the registration of the same or similar marks. How is that, you say?

You may need a chart to follow this one, but if you register trademarks for money, it’s probably worth doing so.