Inevitable lawsuit by music people against MySpace

The Times gets the story down. (On topics not involving politics, regarding which the paper is hopelessly corrupt, it’s still very good.) Is clunky, social-networking-for-twenty-somethings pioneer MySpace really entitled to the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA? I’ve expressed my doubts about the likes of YouTube getting the free pass (and maybe I’m not so alone), but I’m a little less agnostic regarding MySpace.

A California lawyer interviewed by the Times, Anthony Berman (who has no useful Martindale listing and whose website unfortunately consists of nothing but a series of empty Flash animations, so no usable link is available — I’m sure he’s very good), gets it right, though: It hardly matters, and neither side really would dream of taking it far enough to find out:

Mr. Berman said Universal’s case was intended more to press MySpace into a lucrative licensing deal rather than into a real court fight. “It’s a way to get MySpace to the table,” he said. “It’s less about piracy. It’s a lot about control.”

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3 thoughts on “Inevitable lawsuit by music people against MySpace”
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  2. Anyone else having bother with myspace or is it just my pc?
    Last couple of days it seems it wont let me download any song from anywhere.
    Anyone having same bother – or anyone how to sort it?

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