How many Scrabble points is INFRINGEMENTThe Scrabulous case has been settled!

According to court documents, the case was voluntarily dismissed at the request of the plaintiffs. Neither the Agarwalla brothers nor Hasbro were available for comment, but a statement posted late Monday on the Lexulous site declared that “Pursuant to the settlement, RJ Softwares has agreed not to use the term Scrabulous and has made changes to the Lexulous and Wordscraper games (in the US and Canada) to distinguish them from the Scrabble crossword game. Based on these modifications Hasbro has agreed to withdraw the litigation filed against RJ Softwares in federal court in New York in July of this year. As modified, the Wordscraper application will continue to be available on Facebook and Lexulous will be available on the Web site.”

Hat tip to Victoria Pynchon, the creator of the brilliant graphic above featured in our previous coverage.

UPDATE:  From Ryan Gile.

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