It’s not a popularity contest (updated)

And the “popular vote” most certainly counts for nothing.

Having said that, here’s the raw tally of amicus merits briefs — pro-, con- and meh- — in Lee v. Tam, courtesy of the American Bar Association:

Amicus Scorecard

For those not keeping score at home, the totals suggested by the above (four supporting the PTO; 14 19 [see below — RDC] supporting Simon Tam and The Slants; and eight assorted varieties of neutral) are the number of briefs, not the number of amici, such as it is.  In other words, some briefs have been filed on behalf of more than one entity or person.  Most notable in that regard, arguably:

UPDATE: I don’t know why but the ABA website still does not reflect the full complement of briefs submitted in support of the Respondent.  You can find it here, at SCOTUSBlog.

PARTICIPATION TROPHY UPDATE:  The PTO’s brief is the handiwork of no fewer than 15 government lawyers.

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