We’re not libertarians at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, but when it comes to regulation of economic resources we do kind of swing that way.  And we’re kind of stumped about what to think about the issue.  Thankfully, now there’s Eric S. Raymond’s “Net neutrality: what’s a libertarian to do“?  Excerpt:

One of my commenters asked, rather plaintively:

You mentioned net neutrality. I’ve read about this, and the opposition to it. I’ve read about this, and the opposition to it. As far as I can tell, net neutrality is more supported by liberals/democrats, while the opposition is made up more of conservatives/republicans. But for the life of me I can’t figure out which is the the more libertarian position.

Your confusion is entirely reasonable. I’ve hung out with network-neutrality activists and tried to give them what I thought was useful advice. Their political fixations didn’t permit them to hear me. Here’s a summary of the issues and one libertarian’s take on them.

Thank you, Eric.  Now we know what to do!  HT to IP.

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