Keeping it in reserve

Writer's blog?
Writer's blog?

This week’s Blawg Review is from The Inspired Solo, who, tacitly acknowledging that all the good jokes have been taken — having taken quite a few of them herself — wisely advises saving the inspiration for more important things, after all.  Kind of the Blawg Review version of “the show about nothing”:

As with my last BR, I am once again eschewing the problematic notion of “themes.” The problem with themed blawg reviews is mainly one of oneupsmanship — somebody gets clever with the Shakespeare, then the next guy has to go all Dante on you, and the next thing you know, we’re struggling to get through an irreverently witty translation of Innocent the III’s De miseria conditionis humanae and, really, who needs that? Right. We just want the good stuff from the blawgs.

So that’s my “theme” — such as it is: a simple message from The Inspired Solo to tap your inspiration when you really need it, and don’t let the pressure to be creative, funny, clever, or — well, hell, anything, really — distract you from your true goal. That’s real inspiration.

Feeling inspired?  Me too!  So click through!

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