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Ron Coleman in Mishpacha Magazine The server logs confirm that some readers of my monthly Mishpacha (the “Jewish family magazine”) column* are curious about this blog and its author, and find themselves reading these words.  Welcome!

Why this month?  My latest column, in the June 27th edition of the magazine, was called “Pop Goes the Law School Bubble,” and focused on the all-but-hopeless employment prospect for law school graduates in the foreseeable future, which seems to have captured a bit of attention.  Law students or prospective law students who got here because of the topic of that column may be interested in a more detailed and, it appears, “prophetic” piece on the same subject I published in Student Lawyer magazine in 1995 called “Go Home.”

The Princeton Review Pre-Law Companion, which I mentioned in the Mishpacha article, is indeed out of print but readily available for cheap at Amazon.  It’s outdated in some respects but, as I said, it is cheap.

And for those already in for a penny and pounding away for the bar exam — here’s some encouragement!

* These are never available on the magazine’s website — don’t ask me why; some can be found on my firm’s website, however.

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  1. A clean and pleasant trade … thank you for educating me about that, Ron. I think it describes perfectly what my father thought he’d arranged for his best friend to teach me. Forty years after I began studying law, it’s not a description I, or many lawyers, would apply to what we used to think of as a ‘profession’.

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