General practice and other non-bloggy lawyers seeking an introduction to legal aspects of blogging can now get one, along with continuing legal education credit in California, Illinois and New York, from Lawline, the web-based CLE provider. The online introductory presentation, which in fact is called “Legal Aspects of Blogging,” is given by the Media Blogger Association‘s general counsel,  who is also writing this in the third person as if he were someone else.  And perhaps he is — he is, after all, also LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®.

The cost for the approximately one-hour-long presentation is $45, but because the hour feels more like ten mirth-packed yet informative and fully credited minutes, it may feel as if you are spending more money. But it is still only $45. Non-lawyers may also view the program but the price is the same.  They may actually get more laughs, however.

LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® does not get any direct financial benefit from this program, but naturally it doesn’t look all that good if nobody forks down the $45, does it?  Don’t make us not look good when you need the CLE anyway.  Where else are you going to spend an hour with the likes of LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, plus get credit and eat with your fingers at the same time?

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By Ron Coleman

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