Likelihood of occlusion (or, Dragged down by the stone)

Despite being unduly influenced virtually the whole time by narsty opoid medications so they could shut up my gallbladder till they yanked it out (warning — link not safe for lunch) — or, perhaps, precisely by virtue of that influence?* — these are the terrifickest tweets t’at was via @roncoleman last week:

Why on these retweets alone that’s plenty to crow about!  And my very own:

I never, never, never tire of John Welch’s @TTABlog though I never laugh at the TTAB. Thanks to this , I did, though:

So Twitter kept me with fowl of a feather for the week, but let’s face it, hospitals are for the birds.  Anyway, I’m back on my perch and will be getting those early worms, or whatever those people do who get up too fast, as usual!

* See, @GuyKawasaki: How sleep deprivation hurts your brain

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