You must read Marty Schwimmer’s “Annotatation of ‘How Apple could fight Cisco.'”  You’ll learn a lot about trademark law if you do and just may sound a little more educated at the next cocktail party.  Via TM Branding Cap.

By Ron Coleman

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2 thoughts on “Likelihood of comprehension”
  1. The first time I saw Apple’s iPhone, I thought “It’d be awesome to throw skype on there and make it a VOIP phone”. Then I was told that you cannot install 3rd party apps. Now I know why…

  2. Nice succinct coverage.

    My first thought was reverse confusion. Who, upon hearing the term “iPhone” thinks “Cisco”? Even if the survey sample was limited to Cisco employees, Apple would probably still be the strong winner.

    About half-way through I started to think that “weak mark” might not only be Apple’s best approach from a legal standpoint, but also a tolerable outcome from a marketing standpoint. Where’s the chance of consumer confusion when all Apple products have to be bought from the Apple Store and the Apple Store sells nothing but Apple products?

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