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I’ve been ’round so long I don’t hardly even know what square is.  I want to thank Minnesota CLE for having me on February 16, 2016.  You can still watch it on video, at the link, if you wish. Here’s a picture to prove that it really happened:

That was the “thought leadership” panel right there, in the course of which I had the opportunity to meet and talk “thought leadership”  — you can just imagine! — and social-media-for-lawyers-stuff with

I, myself, had my own question for Steve, and he walked right into it during a discussion of guest blogging, which Aaron Keller had said he considered to be essential to the success of a law blog, whereas your blogger as well as Seth Leventhal demurred considerably.  Steve then mentioned, as an aside, that perhaps people with group blogs could be viewed as, well, “cheating” compared to those of us who mostly have to write our own stuff.

Write it or, well, recycle it.

And I said, Hell yes you’re cheating, Baird!  But how on earth do you make them write, anyway?  He responded that they want to; they come here to do that; it’s a feature, not a bug.

Must be something in the air, in fair Minneapolis.

Later on I spoke about a case I’ve been involved with.  You don’t need to read any more about that here.

Thanks for having me, Minneapolis CLE!  Next stop:  Hollywood!!


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