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Doing my morning website traffic analysis, I noticed an extraordinary traffic spike, not to the blog, but to our firm website. What gives? Thankfully, my terrific hosting company, Capalon in Baltimore, provides great tracking tools. Turns out that we got a link from the ultra-impressive GROKLAW website. (That makes two grok-based threads this week. Grok that!)

Couldn’t figure it out at first, so I searched on the site for my own painfully common last name (#82 — could be worse; my first name’s #21). No links to articles about Mr. Olympia, barbecues, blog-hating silver-spoon-in-mouth newspaper columnists, U.S. Senators, misspelled movie stars, gubernatorial wannabes, thankfully. So it was easy to find this article, posted yesterday, about depositions taken pursuant to Federal Rule 30(b)(6), citing in turn a piece I wrote a few years ago and which is found on our web site [well, now it’s here, actually — RDC].

The link on Groklaw generated no less than 627 hits in one day alone! That is massive traffic, far more than my little Instalanche of a couple of weeks ago at the blog. What does it get me? Well, for heaven’s sakes, now 627 more people know that they are responsible to prepare corporate talking heads to give responsive, substantive answers when they are presented for Rule 30(b)(6) deps.

If you love the law, what else do you need?

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