Old Passaic County courthouse

With apologies to Fred Whitmer… great day today, going in person to file a verified complaint in a commercial case in New Jersey Superior Court.  If you’ve never waddled up to the clerk’s counter and handed over your papers to a human person and watched that pleading get stamped, well, it’s just not the same as what you’re doing now.  If you really loved the law, you would do this for me.

It gives a person joie de vivre, you know?

Either you can relate, or you can’t, I guess.

By Ron Coleman

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3 thoughts on “Litigation is war!”
  1. LOL thanks, Fred. Yes, of course, and we remember those War stories, after all — Passaic County, let’s see … ah yes, the great fat-rendering case, if I recall?

    (Yep, I do recall!)

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