Love is blue. Litigation is love. Litigation is war. Love is war. War is Blue.

Ray Charles -- not God

Not God.

The fallacy, of course, is not only in affirming the consequent plus no small amount of equivocation, but in the probable falsehood of the second link in the chain to which only a few fortunate ones among us subscribe.

Still and all, you can’t get a better introduction to this masterpiece of the civil procedural arts, a Seventh Circuit dissection of poorly litigated and poorly adjudicated motion practice all ado over a poorly drafted settlement of a poorly rationalized trademark case involving two of the most valuable, blue-chip trademarks in the book:

Gobs of judicial (and law-firm) time have been squandered by the combination of sloppy drafting, repeated violations of Rule 65(d), and inattention to all sources of subject-matter jurisdiction. If these lawyers were physicians, their patients would be dead.

Via How Appealling.