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Ryan Gile reports that it’s Coke vs. Pepsi on behalf of their sport-drink proxies, Gatorade and Powerade:

Coke’s advertising . . . makes the claim that Gatorade is “missing two electrolytes” – calcium and magnesium – that are found in Powerade. According to the complaint, the trace amounts of calcium and magnesium found in Powerade are so minute that it really has no nutritional benefit.

Pepsi’s causes of action are for false advertising, unfair competition, trademark dilution, deceptive trade practices, and injury to business reputation.

Believe it or not, the second paragraph refers to the lawsuit brought as a result of the allegations in the first paragraph.  Well, those claims do scan, mostly, but — what does advertising puffiness have to do with trademark dilution?  Hey, it’s in the magnesium!  Or not, it appears.

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