A while ago the Media Bloggers Association set up a stable of attorneys “to provide MBA members with first-line counsel on matters relating to the use of intellectual property, defamation and other issues arising from their
weblogging.” Looks like they got a real crackerjack guy to take the laboring oar.

UPDATE: We’re still here, if a little less formally organized than may have been hoped when that was first posted. Let me know if you want to be on the list!

UPDATE 2:  Oh, sure.  Now everybody wants in on this kind of thing!  (Just goes to show you how defunct that ACLU is to pretty much everyone outside of the fringes, too, doesn’t it?)  (Via @firemark.)

By Ron Coleman

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2 thoughts on “Media Bloggers Legal Defense Project”
  1. Ron, I would like to help if that is what you are looking for. Also, have you given any thought to helping with domain registrants? We could use the assistance in that neck of the woods as well.

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