Meet some bloggers. Whatever.

John Welch asks, in his naive but charming way:

TTABlog query: Who, if anyone, owns the rights to the mark MEET THE BLOGGERS? I coined the term in 2005, and Marty Schwimmer and I hosted the first two events (San Diego and Toronto) under that title. Ron Coleman joined us for the third, in Chicago. And Jeremy Phillips (IPKAT) was responsible for the Berlin meeting. [Ms. Chestek! Ms. Pamela Chestek! Please pick up the white courtesy phone. We have a trademark ownership question!]


I guess Mr. “Acquired Distinctiveness” still doesn’t get it…

On the other hand I happen to think at least the moral rights to the term, and if there is a trademark that as well, do indeed reside in John along with Marty Schwimmer, seeing as how they first used it in commerce, jointly, the first two years.

I always assumed it was “theirs,” and, well, I did associate the term with a single source (them, jointly — by which I mean as an unincorporated association, not “both single sources at the same time”).  I assumed last year’s use was under license (and it was overseas anyway) and therefore did not in any way undermine their claim to the term.

That’s why I was a little surprised to learn from John and Marty, upon an email in