A message from the Dean, and more name-dropping

Dean Esmay, of Dean’s World fame, shot me an email over the weekend that readers interested in the economics of the blog phenomenon (and yes, I do think we are reaching full saturation on the self absorption front) might find interesting. He gave me permission to share it with you:

Hey Ron. Thanks for advertising again with Dean’s World. From what I’ve seen, you seem to have a pretty good advertising strategy. It’s pretty clear to me that for the services you are offering, you are not very dependent upon click-through rates. People don’t look at a lawyer’s ad and say “Oh yeah, I need to buy those services RIGHT NOW!” Instead, what you are obviously trying to do is advertise on a bunch of different blogs so that people see your name everywhere, so that eventually when they feel they need services they are familiar with your name. So you advertise on a bunch of blogs, constantly keeping your name in the mix. This is very savvy. I only say that becuase I notice you advertise on many, many different blogs, kind of in a rotation.

Dean pretty much hit it right on the nose, and in fact mere hours earlier I had just written an email almost exactly along these line to Miklos Gaspar of Blogads in response to his inquiry about my stradgety. Dean had a lot more interesting things to say about the future of blog-based advertising, but I’m not necessarily sharing ’em for free.

By Ron Coleman

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