I have met the bloggers, and they are us!

Nice event last night at “Meet the Bloggers VII” otherwise not in the least bit known as the “IP Law BlogFestivus.”  You may want to check out the resultant IP Law BlogDex thingy too.

Good people, I’m telling you!  The only thing better than trademark bloggers is the people who want to have a drink with trademark bloggers, you get me?  Those folks have class, not to mention excellent taste.

Marty Schwimmer, Mr. Meet the Bloggers
The Host with the Most







I took a few pictures.  Though I have taken some very nice pictures over the years on my BlackBerry, a party in a dark bar is pretty well beyond the phone’s most ambitious hopes.

(UPDATE:  It could be worse.  Here’s John Welch, by the way — the shot everyone’s looking for!)

But in order to preserve history, here’s what I’ve got (click the pic for full grainy goodness):




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Ron Coleman

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