The online edition (free registration required) of the Times Herald-Record, “serving New York’s Hudson Valley and the Catskills,” reports about a blogger suit brought back from dead.

This is the suit (warning – big PDF file), and the cryptic decision reinstating certain counts. It’s a libel suit. Part of it was dismissed. Part of it was reinstated. Actually, that’s pretty darned unusual, especially in the Empire State.

The reporter from the paper called me, an expert (you see) on the legal aspects of blogs, told me a little about the case — he faxed it to me afterward — and this is what I told him:

“A blog is the mimeograph machine of the 21st Century.” That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

Do you know what a mimeograph machine is? Or do my metaphors really, like, “date” me?

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By Ron Coleman

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2 thoughts on “Mimeograph Me”
  1. Mimeograph? Something like a ditto machine, or a Hexograph tray or an Ozalid duplicator? I can date myself too…

    Ah, the nostalgic smell of those blue ditto worksheets from Elementary School…

  2. If mimeo- is replaced with phono-, a reader may hear the distinctive ‘sound’ of the LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, live improvising acoustics – Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Dave Liebman (maybe, Billy Joel – to vocalize Twitter feed) – the Domain of Jazz, the soul of America (not…uuh, Britney-Lindsay-Justin B). Mimeograph? Outdated. Jazz? Contemporary.

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