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Is it really that bad?  Last March I took a quick look at what some of the anti’s were saying, and focused mainly on the question of whether the treaty was properly classified.  I didn’t line up, exactly, behind Cory Doctorow, the EFF and friends (I usually don’t, at least not on copyright), but I did express a sense that something was very amiss.

Ben Sheffner says “not so fast.”  His post, along with challenging comments from knowledgeable commenters, is worth reading to get a sense of balance on this topic, and to give you some comfort that although LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® isn’t even remotely on top of the issue, someone is.  That’s not for nothing, you know!


Neither is Ben’s Copyrights and Campaigns blog in general, which I have taken too long to pick up on and appreciate.  He presents the Dark Side about as well anyone, it seems. Hey, we all learn; we grow…

UPDATE:  A mere few days later and it turns out Ben is an ABA Blawg 100 honoree!  I sure know how to spot ’em!

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