The ultimate branding device is a person’s name, although the oft-stated truism that “every man is entitled to do business under his own name” is far from absolute.

Still and all, how about every man’s right to do business under someone else’s name, or no one’s name at all? Bob Cox’s The National Debate [UPDATE:  Link gone.  Sorry!] has a pretty interesting piece involving the use of pseudonyms. Its politcal-media angle was the nonsense involving James Guckert, alias Jeff Gannon, and in particular the supposed hullaboo over his use of an assumed name. Bob really goes to town with the use of noms de plume (remember “Andre LaPlume“?).

My favorite new thing from the article? George Soros = George Schwartz.

Don’t ask me what my name was before someone changed it for us. I just don’t know, unfortunately. I used to say it was Soros, but now, why bother?

By Ron Coleman

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