McDonald's Malaysia Lovin' It


Malaysia’s highest court ruled Tuesday against US fast food giant McDonald’s, which has waged an eight-year battle to prevent local eatery “McCurry” from using the prefix “Mc” in its name. . . .

McDonald’s on Tuesday sought permission from the federal court to contest the appeals court decision, but judges denied the application and said the burger chain’s petition was “not properly framed”.

“It is unfortunate we have to dismiss the application with costs,” said Judge Arifin Zakaria, who headed the three-member panel. Costs amounted to 10,000 ringgit (2,845 dollars). . . .

The McCurry restaurant, which the owners say is short for Malaysian Chicken Curry Restaurant, was established in 1999. McDonald’s has 185 outlets in Malaysia, the first of which it opened in 1982.

Now, I’ve been on this story like grease on fries since forever.  McDonald’s is surely getting the home-town treatment here.  But any doubts I ever may have had that Ronald is in the right are dispelled whenever I read the phrase, “McCurrys Web site says that the name stands for ‘Malaysian Chicken Curry.'”  That’s right up there with the best of the transparently fake defenses — further proof that the Golden Arches guys are being treated like clowns.

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