Yehuda Berlinger, whose poetic version of the Lanham Act we linked to anon, also did the Copyright Act last summer.  Somehow I missed it, but since then I’ve been doing a lot more copyright litigation anyway, so I can use it now.  Hat tip to Rob Hyndman.  Excerpt (the numbers refer to the code sections):


Any infringers must
Correct their ways
If given some notice
At least sixty days


A judge may then order
An injunction of sorts
And the case may be taken
And decided by courts


A fine for misdeeds
Is a 50k min
And all of your profits
From doing your sin


Sometimes, however
The court may decide
The entire proceedings
Should be cast aside


For falsely declaring
That someone must pay
You’ll be rapped on the knuckles
And fined ’bout 10k


For falsely inscribing
A design copyright
It’s 500 bucks
And you won’t sleep at night


Any other actions
Of lying ’bout this
Will lose you some money
Which surely you’ll miss

By Ron Coleman

I write this blog.