Spend enough time perusing LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® and you might get the impression that there’s only one freedom protected by the First Amendment.

This is error.

I don’t often get to share a legal filing concerning my professional involvement in a case implicating the First Freedom — freedom of religion — but here and now I am, because it — as I once said to three scowling figures in robes (but now I’m not saying it tongue in cheek), there’s a reason it’s First.

And there’s a reason I have this platform. Terrible things are happening in our world and in our country these days; this case, too, deserves attention.

Below is a proposed amicus curiae brief.  

For context and to give the other side the opportunity to be heard here too, plaintiff’s relevant submission, of which this is filed in support, is here; and defendants’ opposition brief is here.  The underlying papers referred to in these briefs are too voluminous to link to, so you’ll need a PACER account if you’re that motivated.

UPDATE: More context — more nastiness.

SON OF UPDATE: All’s well that ends well.

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